Enjoy WRUV audio of the past!

Hello there. Welcome to the former home of the Writers@WRUV radio program.

For more than a decade, I played on the air at 90.1 as DJ Daddo. For about three of those years, I hosted a show called Writers@WRUV, which featured local writers reading their work. After each show, I posted the writing and audio here.

What you’ll find on this page are remnants of the show. Over time, some of the writers have had their work, which debuted on WRUV, selected for publication in books and literary journals. As a matter of courtesy, in those instances I removed their actual work from this page so as to not cause them copyright problems. I typically left up the story, however, so that you can still see who made it onto the show.

At the top of this page, you’ll also see an academic podcast I produced and played on WRUV, which is, after all, housed in an academic institution. However, listeners more interested in writing and literature–as opposed to literary and cultural theory–might find it less interesting. If academic discourse is your thing, though, please listen!

Thanks once again to all of the amazing authors, both established and emerging, whom I had the privilege of interviewing and getting to know. If you see them here, consider looking them up elsewhere and buying a book or two. It’s a good thing to support Vermont writers.

In the meantime, please continue to visit WRUV.org and to keep it locked to 90.1 in Burlington.

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The Habermas Podcast

It’s been a while since we published The WRUV Reader, but our passion for radio literature remains strong!

Today we bring you a podcast drawing on the wisdom of Jurgen Habermas, a German philosopher who has delved further into the world of media discourse than your average genius. In this podcast, we take a look at how our private and public spheres collide in the modern media environment.

Drawn from interviews with media voices local, national and international, The Habermas Podcast invites you on a journey into a social media age where your thoughts aren’t always your own.

Our guests include:

  • Natalie DiBlasio, formerly of USA Today, now head of social media at WIRED
  • Anne Galloway, publisher of investigative watchdog VTDigger.org
  • David Niose, president of the American Humanist Association and the Secular Coalition for America
  • Pam Platt, journalist with extensive experience at Gannett newspapers, including Florida Today and the Louisville Courier-Journal
  • Thomas Streeter, professor of sociology at the University of Vermont

With these authorities and others, we discuss how your life might not be as private as you think. And, perhaps, you’re not as much of an individual as you believe.


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A special thanks to our listeners and readers

Thank you, listeners, for your attention and kind words these past few years as we’ve built Writers@WRUV on 90.1, WRUV-FM. We’ve been all about Vermont fiction, essays and poetry. Your calls and emails tell us that you have been, too.

We launched The WRUV Reader in Fall 2012. Readers included (clockwise from left) Nancy Welch, Ben Aleshire, Aaron Smith, Antonello Borra, Major Jackson, Phillip Baruth, Abby Paige, Zoe Lewis, Theodora Ziolkowski and Tina Escaja.

We launched The WRUV Reader in Fall 2012. Readers included (clockwise from left) Nancy Welch, Ben Aleshire, Aaron Smith, Antonello Borra, Major Jackson, Phillip Baruth, Abby Paige, Zoe Lewis, Theodora Ziolkowski and Tina Escaja.

We’re going on indefinite hiatus. Doubtless we’ll be unable to resist hosting and posting the occasional reading from WRUV, so please do stay tuned. In the meantime, you can use this site to listen to our archived shows and use the list below to locate your own copy of The WRUV Reader, our 2012 anthology of the best writing heard on Writers@WRUV.

Find your copy of The WRUV Reader in Burlington and online.

Finally, thanks so much to our authors, who donated their time and their work. All proceeds from The WRUV Reader benefit media education at The University of Vermont, and your work allows us to make that education happen.

Listeners, if there’s any writer who you would like to hear on the radio, you can still reach us at Writers@WRUV.org.

Till then, keep it locked to your better alternative, WRUV-FM, 90.1 in Burlington.


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A reading by 2 up-and-coming student poets

Today’s show featured student-poets Theodora Ziolkowski and Amy Hood, whose credits include publication in literary journals local and national. Theodora is also the first student-poet we feature in The WRUV Reader, our brand-new collection of fiction and poetry by Vermont writers featured on the WRUV airwaves.

Theodora Ziolkowski

Theodora Ziolkowski is a 2012 graduate from the University of Vermont with a degree in English. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Harpur Palate, Prairie Schooner, Gargoyle Magazine, Caesura Magazine, Vantage Point, The Salon, The Burlington Free Press, and Concert at Chopin’s House, an anthology of Polish- American writers. In August 2011 she participated in the Seminar in Advanced Poetry at the Frost Place in Franconia, Vermont. She is the recipient of the UVM English Department’s Benjamin Wainwright Prize for Poetry. A writer of both fiction and poetry, Theodora plans to pursue an M.F.A. in creative writing.

Amy Hood (for whom a photo is, sadly, not available) is a student born in California and New Jersey-bred. She is an English-French double major at the University of Vermont. She enjoys baking at odd hours of the morning, knitting, dying her hair, and the ocean. She started writing at 14, when she made friends with poetry books, parks, and the old maples that fence in her backyard in New Jersey.

For more of Theodora’s writing, check out The WRUV Reader, which is also available on Amazon.com.


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Set list (of writers) announced for tonight’s WRUV READER book launch

 We have a wonderful 1o-set of local authors ready to speak at 7 tonight at the book launch of The WRUV Reader, a new publication featuring writers who have read their work on UVM’s radio station, with all proceeds from sales going to media education.

The book is only 10 bucks, kids! At least at tonight’s reading. We can’t vouch for what Amazon will charge.

We have a great set list of fiction writers and poets, students and profs, established and emerging authors. Here they are in the likely order of appearance, with some titles, when available, of what they’re expected to read.

Philip Baruth: The Celebrated Phish Tanks of Burlington, Vermont

Theodora Ziolkowski: Selected Poetry

David Cavanagh: Selected Poetry

Abby Paige: Selected Poetry

Major Jackson: Selected Poetry

Tina Escaja: Spanish-English & Multimedia Poetry

Benjamin Aleshire: Selected Poetry

Zoe Louisa Lewis: The Execution of Sam Grant D.

Antonello Borra: Italian-English Poetry

Nancy Welch: Havazik

The WRUV Reader will premiere Thursday, Sept. 20, in the John Dewey Lounge, on the third floor of UVM’s Old Mill. Reception begins at 6:30 with snacks, followed by readings at 7 p.m.

Questions? Answers can be found by writing to Writers@wruv.org.

Hope to see you there.

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The WRUV READER book launch: Because WRUV does books now

On Sept. 20, WRUV-FM will release its first-ever book, a collection of stories and poems by the many Vermont writers heard on Writers@WRUV.

The WRUV Reader will premiere Thursday, Sept. 20, in the John Dewey Lounge, on the third floor of UVM’s Old Mill. Reading their own work from the book will be Major Jackson, Suzi Wizowaty, Greg Bottoms, Philip Baruth and more. Reception begins at 6:30 with snacks, followed by readings at 7 p.m.

Questions? Answers can be found by writing to Writers@wruv.org.

We hope to see you there.


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When Sonnets Collide

UVM teachers Isaac Cates and Liz Fenton stopped by this October for a poet-a-poet sonnet duel. Twas epic.

Listen to the show here.




















Elizabeth Fenton and Isaac Cates teach in the English department. Elizabeth specializes in early American literature. Isaac teaches poetry and creative writing.

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Antonello Borra speaks poetry of Italy, English and beasts

Professor Antonello Borra

Why does the Yeti avoid us?

Because “humans are beasts!” says Antonello Bora, our guest of April 20.

In his first visit to Writers@WRUV, Professor Borra reads his original work in Italian and English, and he even offers up some work yet to be published this fall by Burlington-based publisher Fomite, a new press started by local fiction writer Marc Estrin.

“I think that poetry is always an activity that has moral responsibilities, and I think that as a writer you do have to try and make your audience aware of issues that are common to each one of us and not just to the individual poet,” Borra says.

Listen to the interview and reading here.

Antonella Borra was born in Italy. He graduated from the University of Turin, Italy, in 1988. He earned his MA (1993) and PhD (1998) from  Brown University.
From 1998 to 2001, he was an assistant professor of Italian at Ithaca College in New York.

In 2001 he joined the faculty of the department of romance languages at the University of Vermont as an aassociate professor of Italian.

He is a poet, a translator and a scholar. He is the author of multiple volumes of poetry as well as books of criticism and language pedagogy, including Italian Through Film: A Text for Italian Courses and Italian Through Film: The Classics.

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Lisa Schnell: A child dies, and a mother finds connection through writing

Honors College Associate Dean Lisa Schnell

Nearly a decade ago, Lisa Schnell suffered a parent’s most difficult trial: the loss of her child. Her daughter, Claire, was born with a debilitating, and ultimately fatal, brain condition. Through years of writing, Schnell has maintained her connection to Claire. In many ways, she says, it is through the act of writing that she remains Claire’s mother.

Listen to the interview and reading here.

Schnell is associate dean of the UVM Honors College and an associate professor of English. She has been at UVM in the English Department since 1992. Her scholarly work focuses on the literary and cultural lives and ambitions of women in 16th- and 17th-century England, though her most recent projects combine some of her early modern interests with contemporary theories of narrative, cognitive neuroscience and the work of mourning.

Schnell has taught courses in the English department on Shakespeare, Milton, Renaissance literature, the Bible as literature, and literary theory and criticism. For several years, she taught a sophomore seminar in the honors college called “Telling Stories: Truth and Narrative” in which students read work in evolutionary biology, cognitive neuroscience and narrative theory together with several novels that engaged and complicated the sense of “self” that the nonfiction reading presented.  Several of those issues have found their way into the first-year honors college course, “The Pursuit of Knowledge,” a class Professor Schnell said she has greatly enjoyed teaching since its inauguration in the Fall of 2008.

Before becoming the associate dean of the honors college, Schnell served for several years as the director of undergraduate studies in the department of English; she also served a one-year term as acting director of the John Dewey Honors Program in the college of arts and sciences.

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Jon Clinch: From adman to serious Vermont novelist

Before writing two novels with some seriously dark prose—and  getting the thumbs up from Oprah, The

Washington Post and every medium in between—Jon Clinch

spent a lifetime as an ad writer. In his visit to Writers@WRUV on Dec. 2, 2010, he tells how his ad life led into his novelist life, and so much more. And—oh, yes—he reads some good work: from his novel Kings of the Earth.

Listen to this extended interview here.

Read an excerpt from his personal draft of Kings of the Earth here.

The Bio!

Born and raised in the remote heart of upstate New York,  Clinch been an English teacher, a metalworker, a folksinger, an illustrator, a typeface designer, a housepainter, a copywriter and an advertising executive. Teaching and advertising took

Author Jon Clinch

him south to the suburbs of Philadelphia for many years, and only with the publication of Finn, his first novel, was he able to return to the kind of rural surroundings he’d loved from the start: This time, in the Green Mountains of Vermont. He is married to the novelist Wendy Clinch, and they have one daughter.

Finn (read The Washington Post review here) tells the secret history of Huckleberry Finn’s father. The book was named an American Library Association Notable Book and was chosen as one of the year’s ten best books by The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor. It also won the Philadelphia Athenaeum Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Sargent First Novel Prize.

His second novel, Kings of the Earth, led the 2010 Summer Reading List at O, The Oprah Magazine. Set in upstate New York, Kings of the Earth is a powerful story of life, death, and family in rural America.

He invites you to visit his website, his blog and his Facebook page. Oh, and you should follow him on Twitter, too!

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