Enjoy WRUV audio of the past!

Hello there. Welcome to the former home of the Writers@WRUV radio program.

For more than a decade, I played on the air at 90.1 as DJ Daddo. For about three of those years, I hosted a show called Writers@WRUV, which featured local writers reading their work. After each show, I posted the writing and audio here.

What you’ll find on this page are remnants of the show. Over time, some of the writers have had their work, which debuted on WRUV, selected for publication in books and literary journals. As a matter of courtesy, in those instances I removed their actual work from this page so as to not cause them copyright problems. I typically left up the story, however, so that you can still see who made it onto the show.

At the top of this page, you’ll also see an academic podcast I produced and played on WRUV, which is, after all, housed in an academic institution. However, listeners more interested in writing and literature–as opposed to literary and cultural theory–might find it less interesting. If academic discourse is your thing, though, please listen!

Thanks once again to all of the amazing authors, both established and emerging, whom I had the privilege of interviewing and getting to know. If you see them here, consider looking them up elsewhere and buying a book or two. It’s a good thing to support Vermont writers.

In the meantime, please continue to visit WRUV.org and to keep it locked to 90.1 in Burlington.

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