Set list (of writers) announced for tonight’s WRUV READER book launch

 We have a wonderful 1o-set of local authors ready to speak at 7 tonight at the book launch of The WRUV Reader, a new publication featuring writers who have read their work on UVM’s radio station, with all proceeds from sales going to media education.

The book is only 10 bucks, kids! At least at tonight’s reading. We can’t vouch for what Amazon will charge.

We have a great set list of fiction writers and poets, students and profs, established and emerging authors. Here they are in the likely order of appearance, with some titles, when available, of what they’re expected to read.

Philip Baruth: The Celebrated Phish Tanks of Burlington, Vermont

Theodora Ziolkowski: Selected Poetry

David Cavanagh: Selected Poetry

Abby Paige: Selected Poetry

Major Jackson: Selected Poetry

Tina Escaja: Spanish-English & Multimedia Poetry

Benjamin Aleshire: Selected Poetry

Zoe Louisa Lewis: The Execution of Sam Grant D.

Antonello Borra: Italian-English Poetry

Nancy Welch: Havazik

The WRUV Reader will premiere Thursday, Sept. 20, in the John Dewey Lounge, on the third floor of UVM’s Old Mill. Reception begins at 6:30 with snacks, followed by readings at 7 p.m.

Questions? Answers can be found by writing to

Hope to see you there.

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