Colette Shade takes aim at society’s demons (and Demonyms)

Colette Shade, born in Washington, DC, is a junior at the University of Vermont, where she studies English and global history.  She is the founder, president and editor-in-chief of Demonyms, a literature and commentary magazine that she is planning to release in Spring 2011 at UVM.  Her stories, which she describes as “noveau southern gothics,” often take place in Baltimore and Washington, and her work frequently deals with themes of class conflict, alienation and injustice.

For her appearance on this show, she brought her story “Pluvianus Aegyptius” and told of her plans to help reshape Vermont’s literary landscape with her new magazine.
Listen to the show.

Read her story.

Check out the latest buzz about Demonyms.

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One response to “Colette Shade takes aim at society’s demons (and Demonyms)

  1. James Scarola

    Hello, this is Vermont Author James Scarola. I have two new books coming out and I am looking for an editor for one of them, a short story collection novel containing 8 stories that take place in Burlington or the Green Mountain State. (I’m long winded so all of these stories average 30 pages) David Puretz, my good friend and editor has finally decided to go to Columbia for his Masters! He is busy, so I am looking for an editor for this novel. I write suspense, thriller, horror, and most of my stories have a touch of sci-fi too! If your not a Stephen King fan, don’t bother calling.
    James Scarola

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