The Laughing Couple Spin Native American Stories & Sketch Dreams

We were joined in the studio Oct. 7 by Laughing Couple Interactive Storytelling, featuring storyteller Carolyn Hunt and visual artist Rick Hunt.Together, they share tales in the Native Northeast Woodland Tradition with Rick creating spontaneous, improvisational murals as Carolyn shares the stories from memory, often improvising along the way.

For this visit, Carolyn brought an original story, told in in the style of Native American storytelling, that she says came to her in a dream in its finished form. As she read the story on WRUV, Rick pulled out a pen and began sketching away, producing the sketches you see below. It was a fun and dynamic visit.

Listen to the show here.


Rick sketches while Carolyn reads her original story


From their website:

The name of Laughing Couple was given to Rick and Carolyn by an Incan boy, named Joey, whom they befriended while attending a Powwow. The name stuck and became their “identity”. This name naturally carried forward when Rick and Carolyn began their storytelling venture in earnest.


The Laughing Couple and Daddo


When asked how they came about doing Native American storytelling together, the reply is always “This is the path the Creator has set us upon”. Both Rick and Carolyn feel that the stories and artwork they create goes far beyond simple entertainment. “This is a way for us to reach people who would not otherwise be exposed to our culture. We feel that we are not only representing and honoring our ancestors, but that we are also respecting and honoring our people as a “modern” entity”. The storytelling and artwork provide a friendly avenue for us to introduce the dominant culture to who we are and what we are.”

Rick’s background includes art studies at Franconia College, Massachusetts College of Art and Lesley College.  Carolyn also has an art education from Western New Mexico University, Franklin Pierce University and Keene State University.

The pair reside in Littleton, N.H., but regularly perform in Vermont.

In addition, Laughing Couple offers workshops in drawing and/or storytelling, as well as Artist In Residency programs.  A sampling of their venues includes schools, colleges, civic organizations, cultural programs, museums and two separate projects with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.  For more information, visit us or on Facebook.

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