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UVM Students Present Their Polished Poetry

The University of Vermont

Throughout the semester, these 15 poets have been writing and revising their work in the advanced poetry class of Professor Isaac Cates. In this rapid-fire radio jam session, the poets proudly present their work. It’s worth a listen!

Listen to the show.

Professor Cates gave listeners some great tips about how to jump-start the poet inside. Check out those tips and the rest of the syllabus here.

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Poet David Cavanagh rips rhymes and jamz jazz

Poet David Cavanagh

David Cavanagh joined us in the studio April 15 to share his poetry, both raw and with a soundtrack.

Cavanagh has done amazing work with PoJazz, a poetry/jazz group featuring Vermont poets and musicians. He works with the musicians as they work with him. And the poetry is pretty phenomenal to begin with.

Listen to the show.

Read poems from the show.

Hear PoJazz and other audio clips of Cavanagh’s poetry.

Visit Cavanagh’s Web site.

Cavanagh’s books of poems include Falling Body and The Middleman, both published by Salmon Poetry of Ireland.

David’s poems have appeared in leading journals in Canada, Ireland, the U.S., the U.K, and in several anthologies.  He has also given dozens of popular readings in Vermont and Canada, including last September’s Burlington Book Fest and the Painted Word Series at the Fleming Museum.

He performs with the poetry/jazz group, PoJazz, and appears on the group’s CD, Last Days. David has taught poetry and Canadian literature at a number of colleges in Vermont and Ontario.

A native of Montreal with dual Canadian/American citizenship, he has lived in Burlington since 1982.  His day job is co-director of the External Degree Program at Johnson State College.

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Live from the Painted Word: Issac Cates and Abby Paige

Issac Cates, UVM prof & poet

In a special on-site recording, Writers@WRUV traveled across campus to the Fleming Museum on March 31, 2010, to record Isaac Cates and Abby Paige, the night’s featured speakers at the Painted Word Poetry Series, a monthly event sponsored by Major Jackson.

Listen to the show here. It’s a great one

Abby Paige, Montreal poet & performer

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David Huddle reads poetry of youth, family pets and oddball characters

David Huddle

Poet David Huddle spent 38 years teaching creative writing at UVM. He stopped by the station March 25 to condense all of that knowledge into an hour. It was an amazing feat!

Listen to the show.

Read poems from the show:

Huddle is the author of Only the Little Bone, The Story of a Million Years, La Tour Dreams of the Wolf Girl, The Writing Habit, and other books of poetry, fiction, and essays. Recently retired from the University of Vermont, he is currently Visiting Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at Hollins University. He also teaches at the Bread Loaf School of English in the summer.

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Poet Angela Patten speaks of her native Ireland and the enduring power of the past

Angela Patten

Angela Patten

Poet Angela Patten grew up in Dublin but has lived since 1977 in Vermont—currently in a hamlet named Jonesville, which is perhaps best known for its post office, where Long Trail hikers receive their mail. Patten’s life of transition inspires much of her poetry, and she joined us in the studio March 4th to share her work.

Download the show.

Read poems from her first book, Still Listening, which you’ll hear on the show.

Read poems from her latest book, Reliquaries, which you’ll hear on the show.

Visit her Web site, named Carraig Binn—a Celtic name for her home in the woods near Jonesville.


Angela Patten is a native of Dublin, Ireland. She moved to the United States and Vermont in 1977.

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Vermont, she received an MFA in Writing from Vermont College.

Author of two poetry collections,Reliquaries (Salmon Poetry, 2007) and Still Listening (Salmon Poetry, 1999), she is also included in several anthologies includingCudovista Usta (Marvellous Mouth), Drustvo Apokalipsa (Slovenia, 2007); Salmon: A Journey in Poetry, 1981-2007, edited by Jessie Lendennie; The White Page/An Bhileog Bhan: Twentieth Century Irish Women Poets (Salmon Poetry, 1999); and Onion River: Six Vermont Poets (RNM Inc. 1997).

Her poems and essays have appeared in literary journals includingThe Literary Review; Prairie Schooner; Michigan Quarterly Review; Poetry Ireland Review; Calyx, Full Circle Journal, and others.

She is the recipient of a 2007 Creation grant from the Vermont Arts Council and a 2002 Vermont Arts Endowment grant from the Vermont Community Foundation.

She was a finalist in the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry (Nimrod International) in 2007 and in the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Competition, (Ireland) in 1996.

Angela teaches literature and creative writing at the University of Vermont. She has presented her work at readings in Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and throughout Vermont and New England.

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Poet Tina Escaja discusses Spain, America, womanhood and more

Poet Tina Escaja

Tina Escaja

Poet Tina Escaja joined us in the studio on Feb. 11 to read and discuss her poetry and her poetic preoccupations: women, Spain, American politics and so much more. She is joined by her friend, Helen Wagg, who translates Escaja’s Spanish-language poetry. As a result, listeners get the chance to hear the poems in their original Spanish and their English translations.

Listen to the show.

Visit her Web site.

Read some of the poems she reads on the show:

From Caída Libre (Free Fall)

From Código de barras (Bar Codes): Una, Grande, Libre (One, Great, Free)Luna morada (Black moon); Mujeres del mercado / Pescaderas del Caribe (Market Women / Fish Vendors)

The pictures that inspired Market Women are from Dan Higgins and were taken in Puerto Cabezas. See samples here.

For the poem “Oído: Pálpito y Ser” (Hearing: Pulse and Life), Higgins, who Escaja calls “my great collaborator,”created this video.

Escaja is originally from Spain and is Professor of Spanish at the University of Vermont. She has published extensively on gender and contemporary literature from Latin America and Spain, and is currently the President of the AILCFH (International Hispanic Women’s Association).

As a writer and scholar, Escaja has authored/edited more than 10 volumes of works that include essays, poetry, plays and fiction. An awarded poet, she has also created experimental and multimedia works, including hypertext, and has fruitfully collaborated and exhibited with artists from a variety of media.

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Tony Magistrale talks about women, men and the perils of Valentines Day

Tony Magistrale, a professor of English and chair of the English Department at the University of Vermont, joined us Feb. 5 to read from his collection of poems What She Says About Love.

Tony Magistrale

Listen to the show.

You’ll love the poetry. AND the great stories about Stephen King!

Magistrale has taught courses in writing and American literature at UVM since 1983, when he returned to the United States after a Fulbright post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Milan, Italy. He has lectured at many universities in North America and Western Europe, most recently serving as Visiting Professor of American Studies at the University of Augsburg, Germany.

He obtained a Ph.D at the University of Pittsburgh in 1981. He and his wife, Jennifer, and two sons, Christopher and Daniel, currently reside in South Burlington, Vermont.

Over the past two decades, Magistrale’s twenty books and numerous articles have covered a broad area of interests. He has published on the writing process, international study abroad, and his own poetry. But the majority of his books have centered on defining and tracing Anglo-American Gothicism, from its origins in eighteenth-century romanticism to its contemporary manifestations in popular culture, particularly in the work of Stephen King. Accordingly, a dozen of his scholarly books and many published journal articles have illuminated the genre’s narrative themes, psychological and social contexts, and historical development.

He is frequently cited in scholarly books dealing with the interdisciplinary aspects of American horror art, and has been interviewed and/or profiled on PBS television; ABC Radio, Australia; Vermont Public Radio; North Carolina Public Radio; and by the following national and international newspapers and magazines: The New Yorker, Cinescape, The National Review, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle, The Baltimore Sun, New York Daily News, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The St. Petersburg Times, Lighthouse Media One (London, England) and Oggi (Italy).

In 1997, Magistrale received the Kroespsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Vermont. In 2001 he was presented the university’s George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award. And in 2003 he received the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Lecture Award.

Most recently, his book of poems, What She Says About Love, was awarded The Bordighera Poetry Prize for 2007. It will be published as a bilingual edition in November 2008 by The Bordighera Press.

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